How Katie Price lost 2 stone in 6 weeks

How Jordan (Katie Price) lost 2 stones in just 6 weeks.Just six weeks after she gave birth to son Junior, Jordan looked amazing. The new mum lost an incredible two stone in just six weeks and has a figure that any new mother would be proud of. But the weight didn’t fall off as quickly as it did with her first child, three-year-old Harvey.

A source revealed: “After Harvey was born, her tummy snapped back into shape with no effort. This time around, it’s proving much harder.”

Nevertheless, she still managed to lose the weight in an incredibly short six weeks. Jordan puts her speedy weight-loss down to swapping some meals with vitamin packed juices which she makes at home. She said: “I’m eating avocados, pineapple, spinach and celery sticks, all mixed together. It sounds revolting but it’s delicious.”

She drinks the juice twice a day and then eats chicken or fish with vegetables or salad in the evening. She’s also stopped eating carbs which has helped to shift the pounds. Jordan’s combined her ‘juice diet’ with plenty of exercise and works out with a trainer three times a week.

As well as helping her to lose weight, she believes the juicing has helped banish any signs of orange-peel skin. And it’s not only Jordan that’s been losing weight for the wedding. Having got Peter to ‘comfort eat’ with her during her pregnancy, she’s now got him to join in her health kick. She said: “Pete’s been working out with me. He’s lost a stone and half.”


She did the workout not only in the gym, but at home too. “I was going to the gym or working with my trainer about 3 or 4 times before the wedding and then to get in shape for the DVD. Even though I felt pressure I didn’t want to get too thin. There are a lot of American girls like Nicole Richie and Teri Hatcher who look really thin and gaunt – it’s not nice.”

Katie says at home she just wears Pete’s old t-shirts to work out in. “I wear just a baggy tracksuit, baseball cap and wear no make-up! I put my headphones on with 80′s dance music and go for it. I want to see sweat – if I don’t then I’ve not done a good job!”

Jordan’s Juice Diet Smoothie Recipe

¼ cucumber, 1 stick of celery, ½ small pineapple (peeled and chopped), handful of spinach leaves, ¼ lime (peeled), 4 apples (chopped), flesh of ½ ripe avocado, and a small handful of ice.

How to make the smoothie
Juice the cucumber, celery, pineapple, spinach, lime and 3 1/2 apples. Place the avocado and remaining 1/2 apple in a blender, together with the juice mixture and ice. Give a good whiz for 45 seconds. Pour into a glass and serve.

How to follow the diet
Prepare the juices daily – if you follow the instructions above you will have enough juice for breakfast and lunch.  Your evening meal should be well balanced – Jordan was choosing either a chicken salad or fish and vegetables.

Why it’s good for you
It is loaded with the 6 essential dietary needs. The avocado provides fibre, good fat and protein. The smoothie is packed with loads of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants to nourish your body.

If all that sounds like too much hard work, why not try one of our Detox Diets?

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    Hi started diet monday felt ill 2day and really hungry so just had kfc and feel really sick and bloated will start over 2mora .


    hi ya im starting diet monday can it be frozen?

  • natts

    good morning all. iv started the diet this morning this is the first ever diet iv been on iv always weighed betweeen 10 stone and 11 stone size 14 and its never botherd me before now. BUT!!!! i started to drive 5 months ago and iv gone upto 12 stone and the 14 jeans a a little tight well lets say my tummy hangs over then at the lol so all wish me look as im also a chocaholic sine having my first child 8 years ago and then with my second the chocolate was even moe lol!!!! so all wish me luck ill let you all know in a weeks time hoe im doing and well done to you all xxxxxxx

  • Laura

    im really angry with myself, Yesterday was one of those days on time to breeth…didnt have any juice, grabed food as when i could and feeling really tierd today for it…all is good again got up went back on the juice..
    Im wanting to join the gym trying to find a gym buddy to go with is harder than i thought.
    How is every1 else doing??

  • ANYA

    I am on day four on the jason Vale juice diet, haven’t weighed myself yet and I won’t until the end.
    I feel terribly hungry all the time and have a sick feeling as well, been having constant headaches for the past two days.Hoping it will pass.
    I don’t have cravings for bad food but I do want something solid to fill me up and stop me with the hunger feeling.
    Once it’s over I will implement the juices in my normal diet and do like Jordan does, have a chicken or fish salad/veg.But I do like brown rice or pasta, so occasionally will add that to my diet too.That, combined with regular exercise should keep my weight at the way I want it.

  • Maiu

    Hey, i am going to start this diet tomorrow, i have a questoin to those who has lost a lot with this diet. How late do you eat your dinner? I have been reading from books that it is not good to eat after 18.00, is this right?

  • Laura

    Thank you Sally Webb, i will post on monday after i have weighed myself fingers crossed i lose something :)


    This is my second week and i now weigh 14st 3lb so lost another 3lb this week! 11 in total now!!!!!! stone here i come.
    Laura u sound the same as me i have two juices a day and a main meal with my family two kids also. I was really hungry the first two days then it passed, i fill up on drinking loads of water and evey night i treat my self to a small funsize choc or a glassof wine, it worked 4 me so far!!!!!! Keep it up Laura dont give up

  • Laura

    hi first day on this and already caved in on a choc bar (i feel angry with myself) can only help me on this?? ive been told about crave controll patches is there any other a big choco fan..
    I have to children so im only having 2 juices a day so im still eating dinner as a family.
    Also i like a can of larger one a night is this ok or should i cut down or stop??

  • Lauren

    Hey everyone. Just reading all your comments. I started this diet 4 days ago and have already lost 5lbs. I wasn’t going to check until the end of the week but I could feel the difference straight away. Its pretty touch for the first few days and I did feel quite sick but it is well worth it as I now feel super. Stick in at it.

  • Shell

    Want to start this diet, will on Monday.
    How has Dawn Hall got on?

  • saz

    im doing ok, kind of lol there are some lovely fruit based smoothies and shakes in Jasons Keeping it Simple book, which are very satisfying, however if the majority of your food intake is through the juices/ smoothies, id suggest making sure you have at least 2 veg based ones a day to ensure you are getting all the required nutrients etc. Im not a big fan of the veg based ones but they provide you with necessary extras that complete a healthy diet

  • Louise C

    Day 4 and not felt too good today either. Felt really sick at the thought of having to drink more of those juices so in the end I made two of the yoghurt juices…..feel much better after those, YUM!

  • Sam

    Ive only done the shake at the top of the page and had a fish salad for tea but ive just got juicer and got jason’s book free so i’ll now try some more shakes .How you doing ?

  • SAZ

    which programme are you following?

  • Sam

    3rd day today, feeling gr8 stood on scales this morning i know i shouldnt have but ive lost 3lb in 2 day’s so hope more come’s off this week but if not 3 is gr8 eh ?
    I too would like to know donna if i could have a wine so if anyone know’s please let us know ?

  • Summer

    Im on day 3 and im startin to get feed up drinkin the juice, i feel like am gona be sick just before i drink it.. not doin gd at all!!

  • Louise C

    Was planning to start this before Christmas but came down with a cold…so here we go, take 2!

    Started on Monday and not feeling too bad so far, although I haven’t managed to have all the juices for each day as I’m feeling really full and finding the though of drinking more a bit nauseating – has anyone else experienced this?

    Just coming to the end of day 3 and feeling really tired after my gym workout. However I did feel pretty good throughout the day so think it’s just the exercise that does that!

    Will keep you posted on my progress

  • donna

    Hello there just me again i went and got my smoothie maker today im going to start it on monday, but it’s my friends birthday the sat after and just wanted to know if you can drink while doing the diet because drinking wine is not really good for losing weight and i dont know if to start it this week or the week after. the jucies dont sound to good but ill keep them in the fridge at work so they aint warm, i hope i can do this coz i want to be a size 8 for when i go on holiday im a 10 now so got a while to loss a bit

  • SAZ

    well 2nd day now.

    The 7lb book is very good if you sit at home all day and dont work.

    The fact is you need a juice every 2 hours and having to take them to work they warm up and taste totally vile, which is strange as they are quite palletable ice cold.

    So i have found myself having a small pasta salad at work in the day, i know its against the programme but oh well everyones lifestyles are different and i realise if i could remain at home for 7 days it would be easy enough to follow the programme religiously!

    I do however feel fantastic, much more awake and having bought a rebounder as the author recomends in the book, im also enjoying excercise, ive got a good feeling about this!!

  • Paula H

    WELL DONE SALLY WEBB….keep it up and your dream weight/size will be there soon :)


    Hallo everyone! I started the juicing plan last Tuesday the 2nd of January, I have just weighed myself after a week and i have lost 8lb!!! I feel great, the first two days were hard but got used to it now i really like the taste. My weight to start off was 15stone exactly and im 14st 6lb so im chuffed to bits!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura

    hi Guys
    Just got 7lbs in 7 days book from ebay for a fiver :)
    Going to read that and start the diet on Sat.
    My friend is doing this and has lost 16lbs in 5 weeks hope i can do as well as she has.

    LACEY….If your half of Katies age you are about 14ish? Ive just joined the Gym they said to me the younger the person the easier it is to lose weight, if you stick to this or any diet and try to do 30 mins excerise a day even if its walking faster or going up and down stairs it will all help…your’ll feel tierd out of breathe hot even sweat…good keep on going that means its working. All the best keep us all up dated.

  • Summer

    Hey every1, well i just started the juice diet 2day, one in the morning an one for lunch and gona have steamed chicken an veg for dinner. I have made the smoothie that Jordan used as above, fink i used a tad to much cucumber cause thats all i can taste. Its gd don’t get me wrong but don’t fink i cud drink the same one every day.

    My weight in the morning was 185lbs, looking to lose 59lbs so wish me luck.

    Will let every1 no how im gettin on :)

  • Sam

    Starting tomorrow but already made it up as got very little time on a morning, taste’s lovely so just hope it’s filling ? How is everyone else doing on this ? Xx

  • SAZ

    Hi guys

    Im starting the 7ib in 7 days juice diet and im dreading it tbh. Im currently just under 10 stone and i want to get down to eight, its constant juice and no food for seven days.

    As a food addict with an unbearable hunger problem i really worried but nothing ventured nothing gained!!

    Some of the juices/ smoothies sound revolting however nothing ventured nothing gained!

  • donna

    Hello There Everyone,

    Hope you are all doing well with your diet’s,
    I want to start doing the smoothie diet just reading up on it at the moment but it sounds cool i just want to get a bit toned up for the summer and tho this would help me do this i want to loss about 4-5 inch’s off my waist so maybe a few smoothies for a week or two and exersise will do this for me, has anyone got any tips for me coz this really does sound hard ive been doing that drop a jeans size 2 bowls of Crunchy Nut and 2 meals for 2 weeks and i feel abit weak so this is going to be even harder


  • lacey

    i need to lose weight fast my thighs are huge will this diet lose the weight of my thighs

  • lacey

    i am a big fan of katies and think she looks great i am half her age and look terrible plz help me lose weight

  • zoe g

    Hi no prob ask away

    beet is beetroot , and i made smoothies and juice fresh every day, apart from ma big jug of carrot juice to drink throughout the day to keep hunger away , the pills are called psyllium husks and i bought it at holland and barrets for about 7-8 pound for 200 pills

    they are very good take 2 in the morning 30 mins before eating and last thing when you go to bed it really makes you full and helps with eth diet

    yep 2 weeks no solid food , and after the 2 weeks i have a solid meal in teh evenings , but something light

    like a salad etc , hope this helps xx

  • Laura

    ZOE….thx for all the info…..just to check i got it right

    you had juice for 2 weeks no solid food??

    Beet is Beetroot??

    Holland and Barrets – you said about pills do you know what theyre called?? are they expensive??

    One more question, when do you make the juice fresh every time you have one, or make all night before ect??

    Sorry about all questions, going to my local market to buy all i need.

  • zoe g

    one more thing , dont know if i mentioned this before , if your hungry have a juice , to satisfy your craving for food

    if you go hungry youll find that all you think about is eating , and thats when you cave in and binge , so as soon as you feel hunger have a juice

    I usually have a huge jug of carrot juice and drink that throughout the day ,


  • zoe g


    if your craving something warm as a change , try making a alkaline broth carrot tops potatoe skins beet tops , simmer together strain and drink

    also blended linseed (holland and barrets again ) is brill as an added extra to smoothies and juice



  • zoe g

    fruit leather or fruit roll

    use pulp from juicer , put your oven to the lowest temp
    spread the pulp onto a baking tray , ie apple and orange etc , and bake for about 3 hrs or until sticky , THIS WILL SATISFY YOUR SWEET TOOTH

    1 BEET


    1 BANANA

    1 ORANGE
    1 PEAR
    1 APPLE

  • zoe g

    Hi everyone , ok this is how i did it , i completley cleansed myself ,

    i had as much juice as i wanted , or only when i was hungry but only veg , ie avo cucumber celery beet and maybe some ginger , then if i felt peckish later on id have carrot and apple obviously drank loads of water throughout the day and in the evening i had a smoothie (veg)for dinner

    A good thing is aswell psylium husk (not sure if its spelt correctly) i bought a bag of the stuff in a health food shop its absolutley fowl to drink (you mix it with water and its like drinking paste) but it fills you up and eliminates toxins in the colon

    i found a better on at holland and barrets in pil form so you just take 2 in the morning drink 2 glasses of water (on an empty stomach ) thn warm lemon water , then if im still hungry a smoothie

    To the ladies who are just starting hang in there coz you will honestly feel awefull the first few days , dizzy headaches etc youll also be very snappy , and you will prob think of nothing else but food

    HONESTLY though it does get better

    ill post some more recepes in a while , also for those of you who have a sweet tooth , like me

    May i suggest fruit leather , its like a home made fruit roll use all the pulp from the juicer to make it ..

  • Summer

    Hey every1 i bought my juicer there before xmas and haven’t started the diet as yet, goin out for a friends birthday on sat all day so gona start the diet on Monday. Im so excited can’t wait to start it an start losing weight. I used to weight 154lb but since giving up the fags April last year i have put on a 28lbs now weighting 182lbs the heaviest ive ever been.

    I was online browsing and found this page it gaves u recipes for the juices. Hope this helps.

    Will let every1 no how i get on.

  • Laura

    hi Zoe, you have done so well…..

    Do you have another Juice recipie you could post please? other than the one posted at top of this page….

    When you said you been juicing for 2 weeks is that 3 juices a day? did you snack on fruit or anything?


    To Zoe, u know when u only did juice for two weeks did u stick to the one abovethat jordan did or another one and how many did u have a day?

  • Lisa B

    Hi, Have been thinking of doing this diet for a while. Bought a juicer today with my xmas money and am going to start tomorrow. Have 2 and a half stone to loose and would like to be able to wear a bikini this summer. Hoping to feel better and have morre energy. Will let you know how I get on !

  • holly

    im going to start this diet on monday, does any one have any good tips for sticking to it as i have tried every diet but i get bored so easy. I have got about 4 stone to loose by april/may and i just want to know if i can reach this goal on this diet. Also, do you do the dvd every day? x x x

  • zoe g

    Hi everyone , just been reading all your comments , and wanted to add my 2 cents

    Ive been juicing for about 2 years now , im 24 and couldnt feel healthier, sounds odd but my blood feels cleaner if you know what i mean , when i started , i weight about 13 stone , got on the juice diet , cut out carbs , red meat and only had juice for about 2 weeks , but introduced solids after that and carried on i with it

    in 2 months i lost 43 LBS , but put 3LBS back on after that

    So in totall i lost about 40 LBS APROX 3 STONE

    anyway ive been pigging out over xmas and new year and am now back on to fully juicing

    ps , ive also cut out meat completly and dont have dairy , i feel much healthier and alot lighter for it


  • sara

    Hi all i’ve been reading all our comments over the last few weeks and decided now is the time for me to give it a try! ;) Have bought myself a new juicer, and just been out to but all the ingredients, i’m going to start it tommorrow and see how it goes! I will keep you all posted…I am going to give up smoking tomorrow at the same time, so thought i’d jump in head first and go for it all at same time! Wish me luck!!
    Any recipe ideas or tips on snackin etc would really be appreciated!
    Good luck everyone, and happy new year!! ;) xx

  • dawn

    hey all…just got the jason vale book loose 7lb in 7 days for £1 in asda. it has loads of recipes in there just thout let u know noticed a few of you wanted more ideas. im starting on tue keep u informed hav a fab new yrx


    Hallo everyone, just been reading all the comments. Im going to start 2nd of January want to loose about 3 stone. You have inspired me Paula reading ur entries. Im 15 stone im 28 with two children and need to do something!! will let u knw how i get on!!!

  • lisa

    i’m going on this diet after new years but i just wanted to know ,if i get hungry in between my juice’s can i snack on fruit

  • prescilla

    ok thanks, i think im going to start this tomorrow, so how long did u do the juice for lunch and breakfast for? 6 weeks?

    merry christmas to you too!
    would u mind writing out a few sample day menus for me please, im a bit confused if and when carbs i.e. sweet potato, pasta are allowed and when?

  • Paula H

    hi all…How is everyone doing??
    Merry Christmas :)

  • Paula H

    prescilla……I do 30 mins a day, i also ride my bike when i pick my youngest up from school i have a seat on back for him that makes it harder to ride
    im joining the gym after christmas but for now i do things at home

  • prescilla

    paula how much exercise did u do on a daily basis and how many times a week??

  • Laura

    Hey every1 ive been lookin to try this diet ever since i heard about it. Eventually ordered a juicer y’day woohoo 1st step.Only thing is it anit ere til 19/12/07 so gona stuff my face over xmas and then start it after xmas.

    My weight always goes up an down all the time, i was 154lbs before i stopped the fags and now being off them since April this yr my weight has shot up to 182lbs… im soo depressed all the time. Pls gave me help and support rly need it :) thanks.

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