How Katie Price lost 2 stone in 6 weeks

How Jordan (Katie Price) lost 2 stones in just 6 weeks.Just six weeks after she gave birth to son Junior, Jordan looked amazing. The new mum lost an incredible two stone in just six weeks and has a figure that any new mother would be proud of. But the weight didn’t fall off as quickly as it did with her first child, three-year-old Harvey.

A source revealed: “After Harvey was born, her tummy snapped back into shape with no effort. This time around, it’s proving much harder.”

Nevertheless, she still managed to lose the weight in an incredibly short six weeks. Jordan puts her speedy weight-loss down to swapping some meals with vitamin packed juices which she makes at home. She said: “I’m eating avocados, pineapple, spinach and celery sticks, all mixed together. It sounds revolting but it’s delicious.”

She drinks the juice twice a day and then eats chicken or fish with vegetables or salad in the evening. She’s also stopped eating carbs which has helped to shift the pounds. Jordan’s combined her ‘juice diet’ with plenty of exercise and works out with a trainer three times a week.

As well as helping her to lose weight, she believes the juicing has helped banish any signs of orange-peel skin. And it’s not only Jordan that’s been losing weight for the wedding. Having got Peter to ‘comfort eat’ with her during her pregnancy, she’s now got him to join in her health kick. She said: “Pete’s been working out with me. He’s lost a stone and half.”


She did the workout not only in the gym, but at home too. “I was going to the gym or working with my trainer about 3 or 4 times before the wedding and then to get in shape for the DVD. Even though I felt pressure I didn’t want to get too thin. There are a lot of American girls like Nicole Richie and Teri Hatcher who look really thin and gaunt – it’s not nice.”

Katie says at home she just wears Pete’s old t-shirts to work out in. “I wear just a baggy tracksuit, baseball cap and wear no make-up! I put my headphones on with 80′s dance music and go for it. I want to see sweat – if I don’t then I’ve not done a good job!”

Jordan’s Juice Diet Smoothie Recipe

¼ cucumber, 1 stick of celery, ½ small pineapple (peeled and chopped), handful of spinach leaves, ¼ lime (peeled), 4 apples (chopped), flesh of ½ ripe avocado, and a small handful of ice.

How to make the smoothie
Juice the cucumber, celery, pineapple, spinach, lime and 3 1/2 apples. Place the avocado and remaining 1/2 apple in a blender, together with the juice mixture and ice. Give a good whiz for 45 seconds. Pour into a glass and serve.

How to follow the diet
Prepare the juices daily – if you follow the instructions above you will have enough juice for breakfast and lunch.  Your evening meal should be well balanced – Jordan was choosing either a chicken salad or fish and vegetables.

Why it’s good for you
It is loaded with the 6 essential dietary needs. The avocado provides fibre, good fat and protein. The smoothie is packed with loads of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants to nourish your body.

If all that sounds like too much hard work, why not try one of our Detox Diets?

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  • Dawn

    Hey after reading how well paula has done on this im going to start tomorrow!! im 24 and have a lot to loose!! does anyone have the odd drink with this diet? would just once a week do any harm? x

  • evie

    hi…i started the jordan juice diet 2 weeks ago, have a weddin next week and set my self a target, at the beginning i weighed 10 stone 2 lb, now after 2 weeks i have lot 9lb and am weighing 9stone 7lb and am hopin to get down to 9stone. one piece of dvice…stick to it!! the first 3 days are hard, aftr tht its fine!!

  • kelly

    Hi, i’am thinkin about startin jardon’s juice diet ,and want to lose about 4 stone , i dont eat big meals i’m just always hurgy is there anyone else like me ! if so have you done this diet and how did you cope ? also can you have soup ? with this diet , i think jorden is great and sure does look it lol.

  • Louise C

    Hey everyone,

    I’m starting this diet this week and fingers crossed will get me into this lovley dress hanging in my cupoboard in time for mine and my boyfriends anniversary.

    For more recipies and information check out the Daily Mail website:

    Good Luck

  • Paula H

    i do have bad days….i have a sweet tooth aswell….i do keep a some fun size choc in the house for those days.

  • Kelly

    I have just started this diet and it’s OK but really need to loose well over a stone. Kim hows it going.

  • zoe

    ok ill try that thanks
    ive had such a bad day 2day eat loads of chocolate etc i feel horrible now :(… do you have alot of bad days?


  • tan

    hi there everybody, have been reading your blogs on the diet and started myself yesterday. thought it tasted great was thinking it would be horrble, i like the diet andi dont find myself too hungry its quit filling in it. wow cant believe how much some of u have lost and gonna try hard myself.

  • Paula H

    i like to lose another 6lb…
    yeah i have found it has costed me alot more, i try to go down to my local market for fruit its abit cheaper there.

  • zoe

    thanks for tht i wil try it :)

    omg thats great so are u carrying on wit it then? how much more you hoping to loose?.. do you feel it cost alot beause i have spent about £15 in just four days because you need so much in it?

  • Lou

    Hey there. Gave it an honest go. No cheats at all, after 7 days did not loose even one lb! Oh well, not all diets are for everyone. I started low carb again and lost 3 lbs in 2 days….this worked for me before so I will just stick with this. Good luck to all of you!!
    if you wish …..u will find me at

  • Paula H

    hi Zoe….

    i sauce i make is a tomato sauce i use

    tin chopped tomatoes
    dried pasta shells
    tbsp olive oil
    cloves garlic
    shallots, finely chopped
    red chilli (optional)
    tomato purée
    sprigs fresh thyme
    salt and pepper

    Sometimes i snack if i do it be fruit, small salad, nuts or yogurt (have a sweet tooth)

    I have lost 40lbs in 11 weeks

  • zoe

    hi paula..

    thanks yeh that is a good help what kind of sauce do you have with your pasta? do you snack in between like fruit and nuts or do you just drink two juices and a meal?

    I am doing good so far this is my second day and i am enjoying it the juice is really nice :D

    if you dont mind me asking how much have you lost so far?

  • Paula H

    Zoe..hi and welcome :)
    i have been doing this juice diet for a while and it does work as long as you stick to it 100%….
    As for dinner thats bit hard as you dont like veg and salad, hope this might help you i eat chicken,fish,pasta (i make my own sauce or you can use a low fat sauce) jacket potatoes with either tuna,beans and cheese.

  • zoe

    hi im thinking of atrting this juicing diet tomoro does it really work has any1 been doing it for a while. what do u reccommend for dinner i dont like veg or salad so its hard for me that y i want to juice i so i get my nutrients i really want to loose a stone for christmas?

    any comments would be fab

  • lou

    thanks…..altho the scale says different…my clothes are looser and my tummy looks flatter. Only had one coffee today, no pop. :)

  • Paula H

    Yeah cut down on the coffee and coke…. i use to drink alot of them, i now have 2 – 3 coffees a day and coke maybe 2 – 3 times a week (cans), i found i lost more after i cut down.

  • lou

    I do the 5-day abs video everyday and another one for butt and legs. About 30 mins in total. I should start running again. I was so hoping to wear my bikini in Cuba in 4 weeks. :(
    I have been drinking coffee tho and diet coke. Maybe I will just ditch those and stick to water?

  • Paula H

    Lou, you will get there…give it few more days for your body to get use to it, also if youve used banana that will take little bit longer…..
    are you doing any exercise??
    I do 30 mins a day, i also ride my bike when i pick my youngest up from school i have a seat on back for him that makes it harder to ride :)
    im joining the gym after christmas but for now i do things at home.

  • lou

    day 3 and I have not lost a lb. :(

  • Lou

    I am using the katie price diet ingredients…I just tried it with a banana, tastes good but weight won’t come off as fast so I wont’ be doing it again. It still tastes fresh in the morning and I do put in in a cup with a lid. I just don’t have the time in the morning for this….lol

  • Paula H

    Lou….i agree the shakes are better juiced….

    you said you used a banana what recipe are you using??

    Also you make the shake at night ready for the next morning, does it still taste fresh? do u put it in tub with lid? also do you blend it in morning or just stir it?

    sorry about all questions sounds like a good idea to do at night, im rushing around in morning to get kids to school ect.

  • lou

    Vicky, they say to have a serving (palm of your hand size) of veggies and some protein with it….chicken or fish.

  • lou

    I bought a juicer!! It is so worth it!! Shakes taste soooo much better! You still have to use the blender however at the end so a lot more to clean up but I do my shakes at night so they are ready for the next day. I snuck in a banana today because I was out of cukes…..sooooo gooooood!

  • vicky

    hi i am planning on starting the diet as from monday , where can u go to find more recipies and please can any one say what u r allowed to eat for evening meals

  • Lou

    Ok, I know Katie Price is 5’9, but does anyone know how much she weighs?

  • Lou

    can anyone recommend a good juicer….there are so many out there!

  • Lou

    sorry Paula…should have read before responding….36 lbs in 10 weeks is awesome….I was using a blender and was finding it hard to juice …..swallowing bits of celery stands….yuck…felt like hair.

  • Lou

    Hi Paula!
    How much have you lost? What was your starting weight? I don’t know if I should give it another go or go back to low carb… confused.

  • Paula H

    Hi Lou…ive been doing this for 10 weeks now. For dinner i would have chicken and veg or salad, Jacket Potatos with either tuna, cheese or beans sometimes with salad, fish salad or home made chips, home made chicken nuggets, pasta, …once a week i would still have a take away.
    sometimes im hungry in between if i am i would have some fruit or small bowl of salad or sometimes 2 biscuits.
    i use a juicer.
    Hope this is helpful to you (and anyone else) hope all goes well for you. :)

  • lou

    one more question….are you using a juicer or blender?

  • lou

    Paula, how long did it take to lose 36lbs? And what do you eat for dinner? Are you hungry in between shakes?

  • Paula H

    Hi..i just wanted to let you guys know….. i found the smoothie thick and for me it was to hard to drink (as i dont like thick drinks/milkshakes) so i left out the avocado still taste great, was thiner more like a juice plus i still lost 7lb in a week on it… for those who find it hard to drink or just fancy a change.
    All together ive lost 36lb :)

  • Lou

    kim, how are you doing so far?

  • Lou

    7 lbs in a week?? May I ask what your starting weight was? I am finding myself starving in between shakes….:(

  • Lou

    Just started this today. The shake is delish! Can’t wait for lunch!! I am going to Cuba in 5 weeks!! Need to look better in my bikini!

  • Amy

    Hi Jane and Kim (and anyone else that wants to read!!!
    Jason Vale is the guy that helped Katie on her DVD and it is his receipt!! He has several other books that have loads of other juicing receipts in it!!! I do not know if you are into myspace at all but here is the URL to his page:
    Or if you are not you could go to a Barnes and Nobel (or any other book store) and they should have some of his books!! You could buy one or Im sure that you could just write down a couple receipts…if your cheap like me hahaha!!!! Just thought that I would let you guys know. I have yet to start the diet…I have to save the money to buy a juicer! I cannot wait to start it though!!!! Hope that helped you guys!!!


  • Jane

    Hi Kim,
    I started a week and a half ago and weighed myself after one week and i had lost 7 pounds :)
    But like yourself i wouldlove to know if there are other recipes to try as i think i may get bored with the same thing all the time.
    Please post here on how your getting on.
    Jane :)

  • Kim

    Hi Iv’e been on the diet since Monday and i find it ok but very hungry and by dinner time im starving and after ive eaten my dinner i still find i still pick at food. Does any one have any other recipes other than the green one as it would be nice to vary it a bit. Not sure if i’ve lost anything yet but will weigh myself next week. Be nice to hear how anyone else is doing x

  • chelsea

    hi i had a baby 6mnths ago and have lost 3stone on this smoothie since,i really reccommend it but do suggest you stick to it for quite a while as my friend found as soon as she stopped it she just put the weight back on,ill defo be sticking to it as im getting married in june and have to keep the weight off,best of luck to all who do it..

  • Jane

    Hi All :)

    I did try ther diet a while ago but i did not stick to it :(
    I am going to start it again tomorrow as i did feel fantastic when i did it before and this time i have to stick to it as i am gettting married in May 2008 and want to look good :)
    Does anyone know if there are other recipes that you can use than the normal green one!!!! did try looking at the link above but it would not display and i cannot seem to find a copy of closer 20th June 2006 for other recipes.

    Hope to catch up again soon.


  • Kim


    Has anyone used a blender instead of a juicer? Does it work? I want to start the diet next week as have one and a half stones to lose of baby weight – my son is now two!!

  • serena

    also is it any different if you use a blender

  • serena

    hi, i am looking at doing katie prices juice diet, but does anybody where to get her 7 day juice plan x

  • Becky

    I’ve recently had a baby and am desperate to lose the jelly belly and feel like a yummy mummy! I’m starting the Juice Diet tomorrow, it sounds like it really works!
    Good Luck everyone x

  • martine

    i started the katie prices smootie diet today. i have a smoothie maker and found it quite hard to mix everything as i havent got a juicer, but also didnt like the thickness, so what i did was add a glass of juice( i used tropical from asda) along with the ice etc etc and not only was it easier to mix but alot easier to drink. i also am around 14 stone, i comfort eat and due to recently splitting up with my husband turned to my downfall, cakes and chocolate…so today, as much as i thought it would kill me i had my 1st smootie 4 brekkie, then 1 at dinner…………at 5pm when i normally cook dinner for me and the children, i was full i cudnt eat a thing!!!!! im going to go back to the gym next monday and hopefully get rid of this fatness. im not to keen on the toliet trips at the moment though, but dont mind, im hoping i get good results, would love to keep in contact with others to see how they get on too.x

  • Paula H

    andrea – yeah this really works ive been doing this diet for about 4 weeks now and have lost 21lb but you should try and do at least 30mins a day excerise if you cant every day do more on the days you can….stick to really does work. all the best keep us up dated we love to hear how you get on :)

  • andrea

    hey i want to be a model just like katie n for that i need to lose a little weight does the juice plan actully work?

  • Summer

    Hey every1 i wud luv to start Jordans diet, but don’t have a juicer I have a blender instead, wud that do the same??

    Pls reply bck??

  • Alison

    me and my fiance not long moved into our first house and we have take aways 5 times a week it’s just so easy. We’ve just joined the gym but were still eating junk im going on katie’s diet tomorrow as i’ve tried everything else. the above comments mostly say great things got to lose 3st so wish me luck. x

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