How Katie Price lost 2 stone in 6 weeks

How Jordan (Katie Price) lost 2 stones in just 6 weeks.Just six weeks after she gave birth to son Junior, Jordan looked amazing. The new mum lost an incredible two stone in just six weeks and has a figure that any new mother would be proud of. But the weight didn’t fall off as quickly as it did with her first child, three-year-old Harvey.

A source revealed: “After Harvey was born, her tummy snapped back into shape with no effort. This time around, it’s proving much harder.”

Nevertheless, she still managed to lose the weight in an incredibly short six weeks. Jordan puts her speedy weight-loss down to swapping some meals with vitamin packed juices which she makes at home. She said: “I’m eating avocados, pineapple, spinach and celery sticks, all mixed together. It sounds revolting but it’s delicious.”

She drinks the juice twice a day and then eats chicken or fish with vegetables or salad in the evening. She’s also stopped eating carbs which has helped to shift the pounds. Jordan’s combined her ‘juice diet’ with plenty of exercise and works out with a trainer three times a week.

As well as helping her to lose weight, she believes the juicing has helped banish any signs of orange-peel skin. And it’s not only Jordan that’s been losing weight for the wedding. Having got Peter to ‘comfort eat’ with her during her pregnancy, she’s now got him to join in her health kick. She said: “Pete’s been working out with me. He’s lost a stone and half.”


She did the workout not only in the gym, but at home too. “I was going to the gym or working with my trainer about 3 or 4 times before the wedding and then to get in shape for the DVD. Even though I felt pressure I didn’t want to get too thin. There are a lot of American girls like Nicole Richie and Teri Hatcher who look really thin and gaunt – it’s not nice.”

Katie says at home she just wears Pete’s old t-shirts to work out in. “I wear just a baggy tracksuit, baseball cap and wear no make-up! I put my headphones on with 80′s dance music and go for it. I want to see sweat – if I don’t then I’ve not done a good job!”

Jordan’s Juice Diet Smoothie Recipe

¼ cucumber, 1 stick of celery, ½ small pineapple (peeled and chopped), handful of spinach leaves, ¼ lime (peeled), 4 apples (chopped), flesh of ½ ripe avocado, and a small handful of ice.

How to make the smoothie
Juice the cucumber, celery, pineapple, spinach, lime and 3 1/2 apples. Place the avocado and remaining 1/2 apple in a blender, together with the juice mixture and ice. Give a good whiz for 45 seconds. Pour into a glass and serve.

How to follow the diet
Prepare the juices daily – if you follow the instructions above you will have enough juice for breakfast and lunch.  Your evening meal should be well balanced – Jordan was choosing either a chicken salad or fish and vegetables.

Why it’s good for you
It is loaded with the 6 essential dietary needs. The avocado provides fibre, good fat and protein. The smoothie is packed with loads of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants to nourish your body.

If all that sounds like too much hard work, why not try one of our Detox Diets?

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  • jen

    i done this diet before and got down to just under 7stone very tiny.a little while last year i got down to 7 and a half stone which i would like to get to again.
    my skin hair and eveything was glowing and i felt really healthy eventhough i was tiny i was getting right vitamins.
    im on it again for the summer but as usual my main problem is at night time i feel hungry any suggestions?partner has moved out so why the weight gain due to night time eating. when i was into the diet i had a small pot of cottage cheese and crudities to eat which done the trick i guess as people have said its the 1st few days that are the hardest! good luck everyone.i combined this programe with jordans dvd every other day and yogalates or yoga on the other days.

  • Shannon

    Hi guys,

    Well I did struggle at the very start with this and kept falling off it as my downfall is chocolate and sweet things so last week I went on it again and did the juice twice a day but instead of having the protein meal in the evening I opted for porridge with milk and some fruit mixed in along with 3 litres of water. I did prefer this much better and the first week I lost 12lbs which I was delighted with. I didn’t add the avocado’ though because I couldn’t get any that was ripe enough. I also did exercising 3 times a week. The first few days my head was killing me but after that I actually feel quite full.

    Also make sure and take your measurements as you never know you might lose one week and not the next.

    How has everyone else been doing?

    This is my second week so far so good.

    Shannon xx

  • Terri

    Kerry- Hi, i failed the diet after just one day, my problem is i love junk food and its really hard to stick to this juice. I will try again tomorrow and give weekly updates of my progress, fingers crossed.

    Another question i have, is it true that when you finished with this juice diet you will gain back all the weight plus more?

  • kerry

    shannon and teri, hows it going? ive just started this again today, did it a couple of years ago and lost 7lb in 7 days so it does work, i didnt notice any sagging skin or anything but….i found out i was pregnant 2 weeks in so i had to come off it! i was also very small anyway at the time (approx 8.5 stone) but noticed weight gain, started it and then the pregnancy explained the weight gain lol. im aiming to lose min of a stone this time round as ive put quite a bit on so fingers crossed and hope its working for you so far!

  • Terri

    Hi everyone, im new to this diet started tuesday but been naughty. lol

    anyway im gonna start again 2mos as i have 3 stone to lose.

    anyway just wanted to know with the diet and exercise combined together is there any sagging skin once your goals have been achieved.

    please could someone answer the question who has lost quite abit of weight

    thanks. xx

  • Shannon

    I have just got all my ingredients today for this and will be starting tomorrow. How is everyone else doing on this? I would love to hear from some of the guys that have been on it for a few weeks now and lost some weight.


  • louise

    Hi everyone, I have started this diet yesterday have had the two juices and then a main healthy meal last night. I have had two juices today and I feel fine. I dont feel hungry or have had headaches. Ive never really dieted before! I think this is soo easy. I do a lot of running and exercise but the last bit of weight I am holding will not budge so Im hoping this will work! Ive always enjoyed my food and so far dont feel like im going without!! Ill keep you posted on my sucess. Im 10 stone exactly at the moment so will let you know how much I weigh on Monday 21st Feb. If i havent ost anything then i will stop! but if i have then it will be enough to keep me at it!! Good luck everyone. Definately use a juicer!!!!

  • Sara

    I brought everything to go on this but i just couldn’t stick to it, it tasted horrible and i was always hungry! Joined slimming world beginning of Jan 2011 and its now beginning of Feb 2011 and already lost 1 stone 4lbs so think this is so not worth the hunger pains and dodgy stomachs lol

  • Lisa

    Also make sure your ice gets crushed in the blender, and blend until it’s a smooth consistency otherwise you’ll end up with thick lumpy juice. I also add a little flax seed to mine, drink it as soon as it’s made bcoz the vitamins start going str8 away, and if you do make it in advance invest in a quality sealed flask to keep the vitamins sealed inside

  • Lisa


    I did this just juice for detoxing, it does work, although for great results do not use the pineapple! As the only fruit you can add to veg juices is apples. I use the celery, avocados, lime, cucumber,apples, I switched spinach 4 watercress as I’m hypothyroidism

  • Veroneeq

    My first day of the diet. I switched the pineapple for mango but you can’t really juice mango! And I forgot about the ice so I felt a bit sick when drinking the juice altough the consistency was ok, I will blend it for a bit longer as I do not like the bits. Hope that this will work. I have a gym sesion today too and after the gym, dinner! Veg with chicken on tomatoes!

  • Veroneeq

    I found an equivalent to pineapple sa I can die if I eat it! Mango is very simillar in vitamins and minerals. I am not sure how much the weight loss will be but I will give it a go and keep you up do date!

  • Veroneeq

    By the way, for the dinner part: chicken with salad, fish with veg…prawns are very low in calories and pretty much most of the seafood…turkey maybe…lean cuts of course…stir fry with prawns ( a health one though!). I like tofu!

  • Veroneeq


    I will be trying this diet soon. Thanks for the ideas. I think the best time to start it is a Saturday as I defintely don’t need a headache at work.

    I am allergic to pineapple though…any suggestions how to replace it or shall I just leave it out? I don’t want to lose any nutritions though.

    Help please??

  • kylie

    hi thank you to the comment below was much help… i started it today and the drink doesn’t smell the best but it tastes pretty dam good and as for people saying about the thickness mine was fine , you honestly cant do without a juicer.

    Does anyone else have any other recipes for the dinner part? as i only eat chicken but i dont really want to eat that every day for 6 week or how ever long it takes to lose the weight

  • sema

    hi all i am thinking of starting this next week and i just wantted to know if anyone has eatting somethink diffrent for just chicken salad or fish and veg if so did if still work the same thanks wish me luck xx

  • Rachel from Slimming Solutions

    Hi Kylie,

    You would just add the spinach to the juicer and will produce a thick green liquid which will be mixed together with the other ingredients.

    As you may be able to see from customer comments below, many have tried this diet and have noticed great results.

    I hope this has helped and if you need any more information, please email me at or call on 0845 874 0200

  • kylie

    how do you juice the spinach??

    does it really work?

  • Fam

    Hey all you people who are complainig that it is too thick ,,, if you read carefully all the ingredients have to be put through an electric juicer except for the avocado & half an apple ,,, then the juice and these two have to be blended ,,, its just the right consistency !

    awsome drink ,, see if it works !

  • chloe

    going to go buy the ingredients and start tomoro! all these reviews make it sound great so hopefully it will work for me and i can stick to it! wish me luck =) and keep updating everyone x

  • cheryl h

    do you have to use cucumber and spinach? can;t stand either of them. Would give it a go tho

  • Tinkerbell

    i live in the middle east and i have just tried this it was awful..
    so thick i could not drink it it was more like slop!!

    and i had to blend before i put it all in the juicer…

    any hints on where i went wrong??

  • amy

    is it supposed to be so thick its taking me ages to drink?

  • Sharon

    Hey you guys…. made to start this deit it looks really good better than someother ones around jst wonder what ye are eating as distinst to a dinner…??

  • jenna

    hi i started this diet today and iv had a rele bad head ache all day. stil going to persist with it and see if i feel any better in the days to come.

  • Rachel

    Hi, I hate cucumber too but you really cant taste it. However, I absolutely HATE celery and removed that from the recipe. The smoothies taste really nice, just make sure you follow the recipe – juice what it says to juice then keep some apple and the avacado and blend that with some ice. You feel sooooooooooo much better after about 2 days.

  • Rachel

    Good luck ema, well done on losing 2 stones 3 years ago, I’m sure you can do it again. Looking fwd to your updates

  • ema

    hiya i did this diet 3yrs ago after the bith of my son and i lost 2 stone as i have gained weight after stoping smoking i have decied to start the diet again seeing as it worked for me the last time round :P i will post in nxt week to see hoe i have gone on :)!!!!!!!!

  • Sally

    I’m heading out today to buy a juicer to start this diet.

    Wish me luck.

  • victoria

    i started this 3days ago i had a really bad headace first day but feeling great now im not feeling as tiard as i have been going to carry on and hopefully see lots more benafits will post i a few more days

  • ms gggggggggg

    Do the smoothies taste nice? I can’t stand cucumber at all, is there anything I could subsitute that with?

  • Abbie

    This diet is great! I lost around 8lbs in a week and didn’t exercise ;) Perfect quick fix before a holiday or special event! And I felt fab, loads more energy and my skin looked great x

  • Beth

    I would really like to start this diet but i dont know if it will work. i really need to lose 2 stone for a dinner and dance that it coming up in october. however my question is do you really have to exercise???? PLEASE HELPPPP!!!! xxx

  • Helen_Kay

    I started this diet today, I feel ok so far, I’ll update you in a few days.

  • Julie

    I’m on the second day of the diet, my head is pounding, I guess this is the toxins leaving my body. I’m so tempted to weigh my self. Of course I’ll wait though.

    jules x

  • Sal

    Jules, i’ve been on this diet for 1 week now and i’ve lost 6lbs :D
    I love it, not only have i lost the weight my skin feels better, and I feel good in myself know

  • Julie

    I have just ordered all the ingredients on-line. I couldn’t wait for a response haha. I’ll be starting it on Friday. I’ll keep you all up to date to let you know how I get on. Very excited!!

  • Julie

    I am thinking of starting this, I have read all posts, please let me know how you have all got on so far. Thanks

  • forever_young

    I started this diet yesterday, and it was the hardest first day of a diet ever!! Today, I feel much better about it. Think I had the Monday blues and also wanted lots of food haha x

  • Lou

    I’m heading off to asda tonight to get my ingredients for the juice diet woooo

  • emmaleigh

    im thinking of starting the juice diet next week but i dont like any of the things that are in it so …. what does it teast like ?? can you teast different things or does it just tease of one thing thank you if you answer this xx

  • Toni

    Hi all, this is my third day on this diet and I’m feeling great! It may just be me thinking about it but my skin also feels fresher. I’ve not weighed myself yet, I’m waiting a week before I do but so far so good


  • Toni

    I’ve just been to Asda to get the ingredients for this diet, I’m going to start it tomorrow. I’ll let you all know how I get on in a few days

  • ANNA


  • Mel

    Is there another smoothie that works in the same way? I don’t like all the ingredients in this one

  • Selena

    This sounds quite alright. Not too big about mixing pineapples with avacados and spinach but i can only give it a go and see how it goes. it seems to be a hit with other people so it cant be that bad.!!!!!

  • Kimberley – S

    I started this juice diet a week ago and I feel great!! I’ve lost 5lbs so far which I think is very good for me saying as I normally give up after about 2 days, which me luck for the next week or however long I stay on it for! haha

  • Jenny_K

    I’m thinking about giving this diet a go, however, I’m scared that I don’t like it once it’s made because that would be a waste of ingredients!!!

  • Sarah

    Eva…your advice is great, thank you for saying that you just use a hand blender instead of a juicer, I thought I was the only one who used that haha I’m onto day 5 of this diet and I feel great!!

  • Eva

    ny the way everyone. – dont expect to loose weight straight away – Give it 4 weeks and the flab will start falling off!!

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