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Thermatrim Plus
I have just finshed my first bottle of this and have so far lost 1 stone, will be back for more!!

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Slim Bomb
I ordered the 3 2 1 pack about two months ago and im now almost down to my target weight of 10 stone!! I would recommend this to anyone looking to lose quite a bit of weight as you can use all of the products together!

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Slim Bomb
Today\'s Date - Wednesday 3rd August 2011
Ordered 1 month\'s supply last Friday and received it on Saturday morning so do not pay extra for fast delivery and save yourself a few pennies..

I started taking the pills on Sat morning - I haven\'t changed my eating habits in the slightest but I definitely feel fuller when eating.. I have a baked potatoe with salad and coleslaw every lunchtime in work and I wasnít able to finish it today, I actually felt my tummy was going to burst if I ate another bite so the pills must be having some sort of effect.

On Sat morning I weighed in at 10s 9lbs, this morning (5 days later) I weighed in at 10s 8lbs. Not a major difference but at least itís going the right direction without doing any exercise or dieting. I even had an icecream from the icrecream van on Mon night..

You are meant to drink 2lts of water each day, I have only been drinking 1lt as I keep forgettting. Got myself a 2lt bottle and keep it on my desk in work, then I can see how much I still need to drink.. Be ware - you are constantly running to the loo..

Keep ya posted..


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Pure Hoodia Gordonii Capsules
Great service and excellent help on the phone lines. Thank you for your advice. I have lost 9 pounds in weight over the last 2 weeks - long may this continue.

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Hoodia Patch
Amazing product. Simply stops you from being hungry. Fullstop.

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Slim Bomb Detox Tablet
Be aware that some of the natural ingredients in these tablets are a natural form of laxative hence making you need the toilet more than you anticipated.

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Slim Bomb
Been taking for 4weeks now lost 5lbs need to lose 4 stone overall, exercising 4 times a week eating healthier, not suppressed appetite as yet, drinking 2l of water.

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Lemon Detox Diet Maple Syrup Diet
This stuff is amazing. I feel great and have been doing it for six days straight, and dont feel hungry at all. Hope to lose a stone overall, as I havnt yet look how much I weigh now, but I can defo see a difference in my body. Last day tomorrow

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Lemon Detox Full Hamper
I loved this -everyone was so disapproving of this diet so it was hard to stick to for the first few days. After that it was plain sailing...I'm on my 8th day and have ordered another batch! I have lost 9lbs and am so delighted. You must be determined to get through the first few days but once you are you feel fab. I would recommend this to anyone! Cannot wait to lose the last few pounds and fit into my jeans again :)

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Slim Bomb
I am so happy about it and i need to loss about 3 stone more but it is coming off not on. The wedding is in 5 weeks so i need to 5 pound to get the stone off. fingers crossed for me people. x

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